The choice 2022

Today’s student loan forgiveness is a massive shift in the right direction. It helps America move back to a time when anyone who was willing to do the hard work of going to school was able to, regardless of their parent’s ability and willingness to pay.

Reminder: CHILDREN OF RICH PARENTS CANNOT QUALIFY FOR STUDENT LOANS. This goes only to middle and low-income families. Learn about all the requirements to get student loans here.

Election season is starting now. let’s compare the Republican and Democratic policies.


  • Education
    • Democrats (at least many of them)
    • Republicans
      • Restart student loan payments
      • Increase the number of students who go to private Christian schools (which don’t teach modern science) and have the government pay for it.
  • Taxation
      • Democrats
        • Haven’t raised taxes on middle and low-income Americans in decades
        • Switch the tax burden to cover high-income Americans
      • Republicans
        • The Trump tax cuts increased taxes on over 99% of households
        • The Trump tax cuts reduced taxes for fewer than 0.5% of households, and only the wealthiest Americans benefitted, the rest of us pay more
  • Environment
    • Democrats
      • Massive subsidies for renewable energy were just passed
      • Some support a carbon tax
    • Republicans
      • Drill baby drill, climate change denial
  • Health
    • Democrats
    • Republicans
      • Repeal Obamacare
      • Disabled people would be denied access to all insurance
      • Medicare would have to spend hundreds of billions more on drugs
  • Inflation
    • Democrats
      • Given that inflation right now is being driven by oil prices, reduce American dependency on oil
    • Republicans
      • Drill oil domestically,  then it will probably be sold abroad for a profit because we aren’t going to hamper American exports. Under Donald Trump, oil exports increased from 5.26 million barrels per day to 8.47 million barrels per day. This will not make American oil prices change from the global rate. In 2021 American net imports of oil were basically 0, but that didn’t protect us from the price shock which started after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 began.
  • Police Brutality
    • Democrats
      • Many democrats support ending qualified immunity and reducing police brutality.
    • Republicans
      • Republicans support the police beating up innocent people.
  • LGBT rights, abortion, etc.
    • Democrats
      • Keep the government out of our private lives when no harm is being done.
      • Accept the scientific consensus that whether someone is alive is due to brain activity, hence, fetuses in the 1st and 2nd trimesters are not “alive”
      • Support comprehensive sexual education
    • Republicans
      • The government should regulate the most intimate part of your life. The government belongs in your personal decisions, and your bedroom.
      • Are either in denial or unaware of the basic science regarding how babies are developed
      • Oppose comprehensive sexual education
  • Guns
    • Democrats
      • Support common sense gun reform, like background checks
    • Republicans
      • Support mentally unstable people and minors purchasing guns with no background check

So, in summary, when it comes to education Democrats want to increase access, and Republicans want to make it run by religion. Democrats want the tax burden to be paid by people who have money, Republicans have reliably increased taxes on 99% of Americans and reduced taxes on the rich while running massive deficits for the last 30 years. Democrats have a plan to fight climate change, Republicans are in denial. Democrats want to expand access to health care, Republicans want people to be discriminated against. Democrats want to shift America off of oil entirely for both economic and environmental reasons. The Republican plan for dealing with oil inflation was accomplished in 2020, and it has failed.


This reflects two visions of America. Democrats are making America a more equitable, environmentally sound, and healthy country.

Republicans want to give as much money as possible to the richest Americans, at any cost.

So if you have less than $50 million, and you are driven by economics alone, you should vote for the Democratic party.


When it comes to social issues, they couldn’t be any more different.

Inflation is mostly due to the increase in the price of oil which is due to the Invasion of Ukraine according to the BLS. Any policy to reduce inflation needs to address our oil dependence.


This brings me to a very easy choice.

Vote Democrat 2022.

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