US GDP overview, Q2 2022

Well this is a weird recession, and a very mild one at that, but yes, definitely a recession at this point. When economists like myself look at recession data we generally look at the whole picture. We want to know not just “is the economy in a recession” but “why is the economy in recession”.… Continue reading US GDP overview, Q2 2022

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Commonwealth free trade is a bad idea by itself

One reason a lot of people support Brexit has been for the United Kingdom to create a European Union-like organization among its commonwealth realms, and they argue this will increase the United Kingdom’s power projection. Let’s compare what this will be compared to the European Union which the United Kingdom has left.   European Union… Continue reading Commonwealth free trade is a bad idea by itself

Putin has destroyed Russia

If you look at the Russian population pyramid, there are several important places to remember which are clear in this population pyramid as I have clearly marked. Russia didn’t have to have its current baby bust. If Russia hadn’t invaded Ukraine and focused on upskilling Russians, growing their domestic economy, and improving the quality of… Continue reading Putin has destroyed Russia

Ideal transportation system

Going from smallest to largest… We’ll use the Capitol Building of the United States of America as our reference point, because a large percentage of Americans have visited it at least once in their lives, and if you haven’t, you need to. LEVEL 0: Private cars First of all, we will always have cars. 20%… Continue reading Ideal transportation system

How Trump became president

The presidency of Donald Trump was one of the worst America ever had. Even though he had few legislative accomplishments, America won’t be safe until the courts are unstacked from what he did. Donald Trump didn’t even win the popular vote, but reduced turnout and a lack of campaigning in three states gave him a… Continue reading How Trump became president

The choice 2022

Today’s student loan forgiveness is a massive shift in the right direction. It helps America move back to a time when anyone who was willing to do the hard work of going to school was able to, regardless of their parent’s ability and willingness to pay. Reminder: CHILDREN OF RICH PARENTS CANNOT QUALIFY FOR STUDENT… Continue reading The choice 2022

Up and coming democracies

I just wrote a post examining which countries are democratic enough that we should seriously consider extending visa-free travel to them. I identified 27 different countries where there is no good reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to travel to the US and Canada without a visa, and I think we need to update our… Continue reading Up and coming democracies