Up and coming democracies

I just wrote a post examining which countries are democratic enough that we should seriously consider extending visa-free travel to them. I identified 27 different countries where there is no good reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to travel to the US and Canada without a visa, and I think we need to update our… Continue reading Up and coming democracies

Twitter has declined

I just deactivated my twitter account. I’m not going back. Here’s why: I am pretty sure they are hiding my posts. I had over 2800 followers and I got maybe 100 impressions per tweet. It clearly didn’t show my tweets to the people who actually interacted with me. I had time off work and I… Continue reading Twitter has declined

Marx on Trade Unions

A common misconception is that trade unions are a critical part of Marx’s theory of revolution. I’m here to convince you that is not the case, and the presence of unions in the First International was merely a temporary and doomed-to-fail alliance of convenience. The First and Second Internationals The International was formed on 28… Continue reading Marx on Trade Unions

What really happened in 1968

The 1968 election is one of the most misunderstood elections in the history of the United States. The common narrative is that Hubert Humphrey lost because he supported the Vietnam War and those radical hippies didn’t vote for him. I’m here to prove that that is not what actually happened. Plus, Nixon didn’t truly oppose… Continue reading What really happened in 1968

The end of privacy

Abortion is now illegal in at least some cases in all but 6 states. Miranda Rights have been effectively repealed. Voter ID laws have been upheld. Public money must be given to private religious schools if parents request it. Clarence Thomas has stated that they might repeal Obergefell v. Hodges. All of this paints a… Continue reading The end of privacy

Successful leadership

A trick to leadership is to under promise and over deliver. Don’t promise something and then fall through, that’s when people become disappointed. Promise something you know you can and will accomplish, just enough to get elected, and then do more than you promised. Another important part of leadership is to try to fire up… Continue reading Successful leadership