Wishful thinking as national policy

New CDC advice: push all of your money in bonds when the stock market goes up!
I’m a little frustrated here…
This whole idea of loosening up our policies when they start to work is moronic. We cannot do science via popular opinion, we need to do policy based on science, which is based on EVIDENCE.
The policies I want are a vaccination requirement to enter federal buildings and airports. Felony if you enter a federal building without a vaccination, attempted murder. Mask requirements as well, can’t hurt.
No insurance coverage for unvaccinated people. You want to be on your own? Fine, enjoy bankruptcy court. Full coverage for vaccinated people, obviously. It’s called moral hazard, look it up.
Ignoring problems does not make them go away, but that seems to be the way America is dealing with most issues. Even after we finally got something to deal with climate change we go backwards on COVID… argh. This is very frustrating.
Also… let’s go back to high school biology… the more people who catch a virus, the more likely it will mutate. The more mutations we allow to be created (which is 100% a policy CHOICE) the more likely that mutation can either a) become more deadly, b) become more contagious, or c) become so different that the current vaccines won’t work on it, requiring another booster, costing more time, costing lives, disabling people, costing ME for the rest of my life, NO MATTER WHAT I DO!!!
But beyond the cost to me personally, people are dying, and that is enough to modify my life to protect the lives of others.
Our choices impact each other, and while personal freedoms are important, spreading a disease around your community infringes on the freedoms of people around you.
Personal freedoms are important, but that’s not what is at stake here. Your choice to put yourself at risk puts other people around you at risk. The people around you didn’t choose to be exposed to a deadly disease. You don’t have a right to put a disease in your city’s water supply. You shouldn’t have the right to walk around town carrying a deadly disease. Allowing unvaccinated people to put others at risk literally kills people. This is in the same country where most people need to take their shoes off to board an airplane, even though in the last 50 years a grand total of 0 people have died from shoe bombs in American airports or planes taking off from the USA. It doesn’t make any sense.
America is no stranger to negative liberties, the constitution is full of them! Freedom from harm is a freedom worth protecting, especially when the danger is so present, and so very easy to prove.
In short:
  • Vaccine mandates everywhere we can, no vaccine, no fly.
  • If someone forges a vaccine card, that’s a forgery of a government document. That’s a felony. Prosecute this crime, take it seriously.
  • No insurance coverage if you are unvaccinated and catch COVID. Let’s use economics here for once.
  • Mask mandates, let’s nip this virus in the butt.

We need to take care of this virus. This is serious. It’s costing us too many lives. Let’s eliminate it, and the sooner we eliminate it, the sooner we can go back to our lives as they were in 2015.

But pretending a problem doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. We have wishful thinking as federal policy, and I’m sick of it.

Despite all of these rollbacks with COVID because people are tired of them, the NSA still peruses our communications without a warrant, there are still body scans at airports, and many other things which are relatively new and have dubious if any evidence that they actually protect lives. But here with COVID we had rules which actually DO save real people’s lives today, far more than any rule passed in the first term of George Bush’s presidency has saved over the last 20 years. I highly doubt the PATRIOT ACT has saved over 1,000,000 lives, but that’s what we are looking at in terms of the number of people who have died from COVID.

People are going to die from this decision, and that’s unethical.

Here’s a useful calculator which you can use to understand how COVID policies impact public health: https://www.microcovid.org

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