Wikipedia Notability Policy

Wikipedia is definitely the most useful reference material ever created by people. It is the first and only encyclopedia to have truly global contributions, and I believe it is one of the greatest inventions in history. That being said, there are people who want to trim it down because they want it to focus on… Continue reading Wikipedia Notability Policy

On a wealth tax

If we had taxed millionaires over the last 40 years a wealth tax wouldn’t be on the table. The number of people who need public assistance wouldn’t be so dire if we had properly funded services which raise people out of poverty to the point where they don’t need public assistance over the last 40… Continue reading On a wealth tax

Japan, the king of libertarian rail

There is a lot of talk in libertarian circles about how everything would be better if we would privatize everything. Privatize the roads, privatize the railroads, privatize our electric grids, the government is inherently inefficient, and everything will be better. Then they will inevitably point to Hong Kong (which Milton Friedman personally pointed to as… Continue reading Japan, the king of libertarian rail

What Fascism looks like in reality

Fascism takes the form of whichever ideology at the time best enables their ideas. During the lead-up to Nazi Germany, they called themselves social. They made an alliance with the Soviet Union (because it was convenient) and it furthered their goal. They surrounded their rhetoric with vaguely socialist wording, while all the time their main… Continue reading What Fascism looks like in reality

Student loan forgiveness

We are seeing a very dangerous precedent right now with the court case to undo student loan forgiveness. There are three main parts to this case that are very critical: Laws don’t have to help everyone equally. Medicare for All is basically the only policy in that basket. Bailouts are part of the American fabric.… Continue reading Student loan forgiveness

Brexit arguments

If you try to look at the arguments for Brexit for any length of time with any basic understanding of economics, it doesn’t take long to realize the problems with all of them. With Brexit in full force are starting to see a decrease in wages, an increase in inequality, and a loss of jobs… Continue reading Brexit arguments