The end of privacy

Abortion is now illegal in at least some cases in all but 6 states. Miranda Rights have been effectively repealed. Voter ID laws have been upheld. Public money must be given to private religious schools if parents request it. Clarence Thomas has stated that they might repeal Obergefell v. Hodges. All of this paints a… Continue reading The end of privacy

Successful leadership

A trick to leadership is to under promise and over deliver. Don’t promise something and then fall through, that’s when people become disappointed. Promise something you know you can and will accomplish, just enough to get elected, and then do more than you promised. Another important part of leadership is to try to fire up… Continue reading Successful leadership

How to get banned from twitter

Source the Holocaust museum. Bootlicking tankies will get really upset and Twitter will ban you from the website forcing you to appeal. But if you are a Republican you can spread lies about how the election was stolen (it wasn’t) and they won’t do anything. Fuck Twitter.

If Biden was a European

I have a thought, if we were to find similar parties to the main caucuses in the American political spectrum, what would they be? We have 6 major parties in the United States. They are: Congressional Progressive Caucus, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders New Democrat Coalition, Joe Biden Blue Dog Coalition, Joe Manchin and Kirsten… Continue reading If Biden was a European

2022 Senate outlook

Yesterday Trump was acquitted for his very obvious crimes in attacking the United States Congress. The impeachment process is over, and we will never need to focus on it again. Which means there is no excuse to get business done, pass the stimulus and for congress to do everything in their power to end this… Continue reading 2022 Senate outlook

The California formula

1 out of 3 Fortune 500 cities are headquartered in 6 metropolitan areas. New York has 65, Chicago has 33, Dallas has 22, Houston has 21,and Minneapolis and San Francisco have 18 each. We’re going to ignore Texas because of the great blackout of 2021, which is bad for business. Which leaves us with 4… Continue reading The California formula