Another reason to end the electoral college

Fact: There is nothing stating in the US constitution that electors in the electoral college must be chosen by the people of that state.

Fact: The tenth amendment clearly states powers not delegated to the federal government are delegated to the states, or the people. This clearly falls into the state rights category.

With these two facts in mind, if Georgia and Arizona had used this tool (the two Republican trifecta states Biden won narrow pluralities in) then that would not have flipped the election.

But this could potentially swing a major presidential election, we only have to go as far back as 2012.


Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida had Republican state trifectas in 2012. If those states had passed laws stating that the state legislature would appoint electors and determine how they would vote via a winner takes all vote by the state legislature, the 2012 Presidential map would have looked like this:

Which would have given Romney the Presidency.

For the sake of democracy itself, we need to abolish the Electoral College and elect the President of the United States using ranked voting with a direct popular vote.

This is one more reason why I was so excited when Gretchen Whitmer won in 2018.

This is also why Democrats need to play hard ball to defend our democracy and win elections (without breaking the law) or they won’t be able to play at all.


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