Mississippi is Not a State

First of all, Mississippi was not a state when it was part of the Confederacy. If that was true, then it would never have needed to be readmitted into the union. The fact it was readmitted (along with all the other treasonous states) means they were not states of the United States when they joined… Continue reading Mississippi is Not a State

Ukraine and Afghanistan

First of all, let’s analyze Trump’s treaty with the Taliban. It was never approved by congress, so it was not legally binding. It was never agreed to by the government of Afghanistan, so it was not legally binding. Trump was a Russian agent, so it should have been dismissed on ethical grounds. This means Trump’s… Continue reading Ukraine and Afghanistan

Why housing is expensive

From these two graphs we can determine the state of the US housing market. The number of houses being built per year is slower than it was in the 2000s. The price of housing has increased. Lower supply, increase or keep demand the same. This is why prices will rise. According to the National Association… Continue reading Why housing is expensive


Several different levels of diversification… The lowest level of diversification possible is where everyone is forced to be part of the same system managed by a small group of people. Participants have no direct say how decisions are made. If it goes down, there is economic collapse. The second lowest level of diversification is where… Continue reading Diversification

Privatizing Medicare is not like self managed index funds

Republicans talk about privatizing Medicare. What this means is that instead of the government running Medicare a private insurance company runs health care for seniors. They don’t want to do this of course because seniors are expensive to insure. So it will never happen. But the main thing Medicare does is it is able to… Continue reading Privatizing Medicare is not like self managed index funds

Ukraine in context

countries with ongoing wars by GDP and Democracy

The official visuals of Ukrainians blocking Africans from getting on trains. #AfricansinUkraine pic.twitter.com/hJYpM3LY0A — Damilare / ViF (@Damilare_arah) February 26, 2022 I saw this tweet today and naturally it got me thinking about how racism in our society is constantly perpetuated in all spheres of our modern world. People are very good at othering others.… Continue reading Ukraine in context

Peace is a policy choice

Today saw the launching of the largest war in Europe since 1945. We must keep track of why there was so much peace in Europe over the last 77 years. It wasn’t because the leaders of Europe were all angels, some of them (particularly Stalin) were truly terrible people. It was because there was a… Continue reading Peace is a policy choice

Experience is complicated

There is a tendency in technology nowadays to require x years of experience in some technology in order to get a job when you start out. I am fortunately past that stage myself, and have observed why the current conventional wisdom is foolish, and we need to move to a different hiring paradigm. Let’s say… Continue reading Experience is complicated