Oldest genealogy tree possible

King Gyges of Lydia was King of Lydia (which ruled over Western Anatolia) in the 7th century BC. He founded the Ardys dynasty. King Alyattes of Lydia (Gyges’ great-grandson) was most likely the great grandfather of King Cyrus the Great, through his daughter Aryenis. King Cyrus the great was an 8th generation ancestor of King… Continue reading Oldest genealogy tree possible

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How we could have saved Roe

A common refrain among Democrats today is that “Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have resigned before Clinton lost, and that would have saved abortion.” Let’s review this claim, by looking at different scenarios. RBG retires early If RBG retired before 2015, then Democrats could have replaced her with another Democrat. She could not have retired after… Continue reading How we could have saved Roe

British political crisis

We are currently witnessing the largest political crisis in the United Kingdom of the last century. Recap: In 2010 David Cameron became Prime Minister after Nick Clegg decided he would rather form a coalition with the mercantilist/fascist Tories versus the left-of-center Labour. I hope Nick Clegg burns in hell for eternity for what he did.… Continue reading British political crisis

Can you afford a passport

I was just thinking about a friend who had her identity stolen, and had no backup beyond her driver’s license which was the one document that had been stolen. If she had a passport, she would not have had her life ruined. It has cost her tens of thousands of dollars. The average American makes… Continue reading Can you afford a passport

UBI-based inflation?

Many in the economic center and economic right are claiming that the stimulus payments are the cause of the inflation we are seeing now. One such article is in the latest Economist. It is a rather unusual article for the Economist because it doesn’t include any graphs. What if we actually do some basic graphing… Continue reading UBI-based inflation?

A fourth tunnel from New Jersey

The Port Authority Bus Terminal is currently the busiest bus terminal in the world, and it’s running at capacity. It is clear that something needs to be done. First and foremost, let’s deal with this argument that we don’t have the money. From 2010-2019 the United States built 2103 new miles of transit and 21,950… Continue reading A fourth tunnel from New Jersey

Republican governors 2022

Let’s do a quick roundup of Republican governors and see if they are fit for office. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott would rather spend millions of dollars flying refugees to Martha’s Vineyard than ensuring they have the resources necessary for the ongoing hurricane season. Does this seem like a reasonable use of taxpayer money? Eric… Continue reading Republican governors 2022

US GDP overview, Q2 2022

Well this is a weird recession, and a very mild one at that, but yes, definitely a recession at this point. When economists like myself look at recession data we generally look at the whole picture. We want to know not just “is the economy in a recession” but “why is the economy in recession”.… Continue reading US GDP overview, Q2 2022

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Commonwealth free trade is a bad idea by itself

One reason a lot of people support Brexit has been for the United Kingdom to create a European Union-like organization among its commonwealth realms, and they argue this will increase the United Kingdom’s power projection. Let’s compare what this will be compared to the European Union which the United Kingdom has left.   European Union… Continue reading Commonwealth free trade is a bad idea by itself

Putin has destroyed Russia

If you look at the Russian population pyramid, there are several important places to remember which are clear in this population pyramid as I have clearly marked. Russia didn’t have to have its current baby bust. If Russia hadn’t invaded Ukraine and focused on upskilling Russians, growing their domestic economy, and improving the quality of… Continue reading Putin has destroyed Russia