How Trump became president

The presidency of Donald Trump was one of the worst America ever had. Even though he had few legislative accomplishments, America won’t be safe until the courts are unstacked from what he did.

Donald Trump didn’t even win the popular vote, but reduced turnout and a lack of campaigning in three states gave him a victory which came down to fewer than 100,000 votes. If more people who had voted for Obama had simply voted for Clinton in 2016 in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Trump could have become president.

The courts didn’t have to become stacked. That was not inevitable. It became stacked because Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell denied President Obama his court pick after Antonin Scalia died.

Mitch McConnell became senate majority leader despite the Democrats winning the popular vote for the Senate in 2012 and 2014, but due to how the votes were spread out they didn’t win the Senate.

A major part of how the Republicans were able to win was due to voter discrimination being passed in many states around the country. This was due to Republicans picking up a large number of governorships in 2010.

The reason why Republicans did so well in 2010 was the DNC under Tim Kaine’s leadership did not invest in a large number of swing states. This is the core reason which directly led to Trump being elected. The democrats decided local areas were mostly on their own, while republicans supported local party organizations. That mismatch led to reduced democratic turnout and a victory for the GOP.

The abandonment of the 50-state strategy in 2010 is the reason why Donald Trump became President.

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