The end of privacy

Abortion is now illegal in at least some cases in all but 6 states.

Miranda Rights have been effectively repealed.

Voter ID laws have been upheld.

Public money must be given to private religious schools if parents request it.

Clarence Thomas has stated that they might repeal Obergefell v. Hodges.

All of this paints a very clear picture of where America is headed right now.

  • Privacy from the government is ending.
  • Religious organizations are entitled to public tax dollars.
  • All science-based policy is at risk if it conflicts with religious dogma.
  • Voter discrimination is being enshrined back into law.
  • Travel is being restricted with the expansion of visas, which started in the aftermath of the PATRIOT ACT.

To me all of this makes a very clear picture. The Republican Party has become a far-right party that does not believe in democracy. They believe that all of your personal data belongs to the State, the State gets to determine whether you participate in a religious practice or not and that their personal religious dogma needs to be followed by everybody.

If they win an election it is legitimate, if they lose an election, it is not. Doesn’t matter if there is any proof or not, elections today are only legitimate in the eyes of Republicans when they win.

They are making it difficult for groups that do not vote for Republicans to vote at all.

The Republican Party is a Fascist Party. It is past time to treat it as one.

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