Mueller needs to tells us what happened

Inspired by: There are two possibilities with the release of the Mueller probe: either the Mueller Report does not include damning information on Donald Trump, hence would not effect the election and there is no reason to wait until afterwards, The Mueller Report in its full context includes a smoking gun with proof of Russian… Continue reading Mueller needs to tells us what happened

Why Putin hates Obama

Introduction and rankings No relationship of world leaders of the 21st century reaches the sheer scale of the animosity and importance between President Vladimir Putin and President Barack Obama. The reasons are vast, Putin has cultivated a cult of personality over the last 18 years and used religion to cement his power, Obama on the… Continue reading Why Putin hates Obama

Make Seattle for people

So, in the City of Seattle, Pike’s Place Market is one of the most famous tourist spots in the state, and there are constantly cars driving down this narrow brick road, far too many for the space. On top of this, transit in the city costs $2.50 each way, and charges $0.25 for transfers, costing… Continue reading Make Seattle for people

Bring back ARPA

I just learned this. DARPA was originally known as ARPA when it was founded in 1958 at the request of President Eisenhower. The D stands for defense, it was added in 1972 by Richard Nixon. America was investing not just because it had military applications, we were investing because it improved society, because it made… Continue reading Bring back ARPA

2018 elections

The US Senate is a dire tossup this year, and the House will almost certainly go Red, but this is the last time the Democrats can pick up enough Governorships to have a majority of Governorships in the country and they will also have veto power over redistricting plans for Congress and their State Legislatures… Continue reading 2018 elections