Political Platform

I have written a lot on this blog over the last 9 years, and I have written about a lot of different topics. Here is a summary of my political values in a bullet format. Local elections (Bellingham and Whatcom County) Investigate the ability to have fare-free buses Have a local carbon tax, like in… Continue reading Political Platform

Make Seattle for people

So, in the City of Seattle, Pike’s Place Market is one of the most famous tourist spots in the state, and there are constantly cars driving down this narrow brick road, far too many for the space. On top of this, transit in the city costs $2.50 each way, and charges $0.25 for transfers, costing… Continue reading Make Seattle for people

A truly simple election system

Election day is coming up, and you have received your ballot in the mail. (I live in Washington State, everyone has mail in voting here) You open your ballot and you see the following list of candidates: Joe Schmo, (D, Centrist) Tom Bob, (D, Progressive) Grace Moon, (D, Progressive) Mary Polly, (D, libertarian leaning) Betsy… Continue reading A truly simple election system