India and today

Rule number one: Don’t trust terrorists.

Fact: Pakistan harbored bin Laden and has a history of arming terrorist groups.

Fact: Pakistan and India have terrible relations

Fact: India has been a target for terrorist attacks before.

Fact: Afghanistan is about to become a major training center for terrorists.

Fact: there have been many attacks by Islamist militants against India for decades, the last one was in April

With all of these easily verifiable facts.

It’s pretty obvious that a Taliban takeover in Afghanistan is the worst possible news for India. It will worsen Indo-Pakistani relations, and I pray it won’t erupt into a blown out war between both countries because that will be a disaster.

The Taliban has already started executing civilians and banning education for girls and women.

It’s also not a question of IF the Taliban will harbor terrorists who attack other countries.

It’s a question of WHEN.

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