How we got here, Afghanistan edition

Fuck the New Democrats.

Fuck the Republicans.

Fuck Jimmy Carter.

Reagan was the devil.

May both Bushes rot in hell.

Obama did a better job than any other president over the last half century, but he still could have done far far more.

Trump is a good for nothing bastard, who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but himself, and it shows.

Biden is a loser.

That being said…

This is meant  to  be a quick and dirty about how Afghanistan fell to the terrorists. Read the Wikipedia articles for more details.

The year was 1973. The Emir of Afghanistan stepped down as Emir and founded the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The government was stable for 5 years until the Soviet Union launched a coup against the government and the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was formed. In response to this, President Jimmy Carter started to send money and arms to the Mujaheddin.  The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan were directly involved in financing the Mujaheddin until the Soviet Union was crumbling. This support continued until 1989 when the US government cut support to the Mujahideen. The Mujahideen formed the Islamic State of Afghanistan in 1996, after 4 years of brutal warfare. At this point they started a brutal regime which is famous. The Mujahideen had all the resources provided to them by the Americans, Saudis, and Pakistanis in the 1990s. Afghanistan has a literacy rate of only 31%. The Afghans didn’t stand a chance. No one cared.

In 2001 they were harboring Osama bin Laden, and he attacked the United States. We attacked Afghanistan to take out the Taliban (supposedly) and never completed the offensive. There were never enough troops. Too much attention was diverted to Iraq by the Bush administration. There was almost no effort to divert funding away from the Taliban and bring their financiers to justice. Not enough resources were focused on educating Afghans so their government could have a mature responsible civil service. In a country where women had not had access to education, they were in a fundamentally different situation. Under Bush, Obama, and Trump, the focus was on military means, and not enough attention was put into developing a mature civil service after 20 years of war (when we invaded).

Trump signed an agreement with the Taliban which essentially assumed they would take over last year. And guess what? They did.

Jimmy Carter started the conflict.

Reagan exacerbated it.

Bush, Obama, and Trump failed to provide the logistics so the Afghan government could be a high quality government.

Now the country suffers.

It’s America’s fault.

It’s Jimmy Carter’s fault.

Both parties are to blame.

It’s our largest failure in the last century.

It’s fucking disgusting.

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