The delay is deliberate

In 9 days the Census Bureau will release the counts which will be used for redistricting every state in the country.

If the John Lewis Voting Rights Act were passed before then, republicans would not be able to gerrymander these states.

As long as the filibuster is in place, HR1 will not pass.

As long as Biden thinks that he might get his bipartisan bill, he won’t fight the filibuster.

As soon as the census count is out we have less than a month to pass HR1 before the gerrymandering is nationwide.

Hence, it is in the best interest of the GOP to stretch out the voting process on this infrastructure bill as long as possible.

Because if the negotiations were to end, and it becomes obvious to President Biden that bipartisanship is not possible with McConnell, it will become painfully obvious to everyone with half a brain that the ONLY way to make significant change today is through an uncompromising abolition of the filibuster. Thats when the president brings out the bully pulpit, if he has any sense.

If filibuster abolition happened before gerrymandering is complete, democrats could pass HR1, ensuring that Republicans cannot gerrymander, all but guaranteeing a Democratic trifecta for the foreseeable future given demographics.

If filibuster abolition happens after the gerrymandering is done, it does not matter. Republicans will have already discriminated and gerrymandered their way to power, they then would likely take congress next year, and the presidency in 2024.

For this reason, the drawn out negotiations for an infrastructure bill are in the best interests of the Republican Party, and we are very close to the date where the only way to correct the gerrymandering will be through a highly packed court system (courtesy of #Jillnothill), and the very idea of a highly packed court ruling against gerrymandering is downright farcical.

Come back to reality and kill the filibuster before it is too late.

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