Two paths…

The ideal path which I want America to go down sees President Biden drop his crusade for bipartisanship, and instead focus on passing Democratic policies which got him elected in the first place. By following the two step plan of student loan forgiveness and restarting the agencies which would have prevented or at least slowed COVID, Democrats can increase their majorities in both houses and hopefully get legislation done next year. What is frustrating is that this path is so easy and it would work if it was done and then used on the campaign trail. New appointments to the Supreme Court and all Federal judgeships will be more moderate than our current bench, which will preserve the gains which we have made so far through future court decisions. By maintaining a strong Democratic majority in Congress we will then be able to pass important legislation to make a better world.

This is what I want.

The other path which could happen is where President Biden does not use his authority to forgive student loans and prevent future COVID outbreaks. Democrats see a drop in voter turnout in 2022 because Democrats are not mobilized, but Republicans are mobilized over mask mandates, which is already occurring. The attempted coup at the capitol building was to show their voters that they stand in favor of what is quick and easy, not right and verified by science. Democrats have their asses whooped in the 2022 midterms, losing both the House and Senate.

Republicans campaign as hard as possible in 2024, and combined with voter discrimination laws which President Biden refuses to successfully fight through filibuster reform (which he could do through the bully pulpit if he wanted to) they will have a real shot at winning. All they have to do is win the states they won in 2020 and flip Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all states which Trump won by narrow margins in 2016. Republicans only need a successful third party candidate to drain votes away from Biden in 2024 and they can absolutely win, especially if Democrats have little to point to in order to get their voters out to vote. The more Biden shows a willingness to compromise with Republicans, the more of his base will decide not to vote.

Republicans take a trifecta in 2024, with the Democrats in disarray with no unifying issue to campaign on. Republicans start by moving on the Affordable Care Act through Congress. All they need to do next to get rid of the Affordable Care Act is a case as well put together as King v. Burwell, and by effectively flipping the votes of Kennedy and Ginsburg (since they are no longer on the court) they have a 5-4 victory against the Affordable Care Act.

They already have the justices to do this, if they make sure they have reasonable standing, the ACA is dead.

President Biden needs to mobilize his base, and he needs to do it soon.

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