Two step way for Democrats to dominate government

Step 1: Pardon student loans, as much as the President can possibly do.
The message then is simple, “If you know a single person who either has gone to college or is planning to go to college, we will ensure they are not tens of thousands of dollars in debt.”

Step 2: Restart the agencies which would have caught COVID early, saving over 600,000 American lives.
The message is very simple, “If you lost a loved one during COVID, we are sorry for your loss, and we will do everything in our power to make sure that never happens again.”

We take the state legislatures in Arizona and Michigan.

We narrow Republican leads in other state legislature in states like Texas.

We have as close to a guarantee of keeping the Presidency until either the Republican Party moves from their current far right views or totally disband.

This will save hundreds of thuosands of lives.

This is one more reason why President Biden should pardon student loans. Pardoning student loans will expand our lead in Congress allowing him to get more of his agenda done next year.

If young people and middle class families don’t vote Democratic next year, we will likely underperform, and probably lose one or both houses of Congress.

Or we can push policies which we know will benefit Americans, and benefit Democrats politically, and then tell Americans about it constantly.

It’s all in the hands of President Biden. He doesn’t need Congress to do these two simple politically beneficial things.

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