The ETA puts America in danger

We are seeing a global increase in military spending. SIPRI

We are seeing an increase of visa restrictions between democracies. European Union, Wikipedia

Visa restrictions are a form of trade barrier, and they reduce trade.

The increase of visa restrictions at the same time as military spending increases is no coincidence.

Complex interdependence theory states very clearly that the more trade two countries have with each other, the less likely they are to go to war. Among all economic theories, this one is one of the easiest to find support of.

The Electronic Travel Authorization is a trade barrier which increases the probability of war and reduces the security of the United States. The best way to increase the security at the border and preserve peace is to end the ramping up of trade and travel barriers between democracies according to modern political economic theory.

We are currently in the 77th year of peace between great powers in the world. We are currently in the longest period of peace in Western Europe since the death of Charlemagne. This is because of open international travel, trade, interpersonal relationships which span across borders, and the strength of the European Union where disagreements are solved through dialogue instead of violence. Let’s preserve the peace and restore the era of free travel between the democracies of the world.

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