Vaccine verification system

America needs to get more people vaccinated, and we need to make sure that our public spaces are safe. We can do both by requiring people to prove they are vaccinated when they enter a public space, and require a vaccination in order to fly or take a train.

The way to do this is through a vaccine verification system. We need a national vaccination verification system run by the federal government which stores information on who is vaccinated, and what vaccine people get. We already have systems related to taxes, Medicare, OASI, the draft, customs, and more. Each of these has information on every American, or at least a large percentage of Americans. There is no reason we can’t have this system as well.

You want to ensure that someone cannot randomly check on whether their neighbor is vaccinated (for privacy reasons) but you also need to make sure that anyone can verify that someone entering their store is vaccinated before they are allowed to enter. The way to do this is that you tie vaccination records to the IDs which people already carry with them. The individual can choose which IDs they want to use to verify they are vaccinated or not. I personally would choose my driver’s license, Nexus, Passport, and Passport Card, the four IDs I have which would guarantee that I can always be verified as vaccinated. This system would be extremely difficult to hack, and it would be impossible to feed it incorrect information. You would not be able to simply make a fake vaccine card anymore which might fool someone.

Is this an infringement of privacy? Well, I can already check to see if any citizen is registered to vote, and whether they voted in the last election. I can learn who owns any parcel of land in the country with the right systems. This would be setup simply to keep Americans safe, and it would help shorten the epidemic by essentially forcing Americans to get vaccinated if they want to participate in society.

How would one verify that someone is on the database? Well, it would be very simple. You could simply scan the ID just like we do at the airport, or you could type in the numbers into the database, and it will tell you whether the ID is in the system or not.

This is how you increase the number of people getting vaccinated.

This is how you save American lives.

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