A message from the New Democrats

Dear Millennials,

You are going to be the last to receive vaccinations for every future pandemic.

You are going to be forced to work in unsafe work environments during a pandemic. We don’t care if you become disabled or die.

You are never going to get a public option for health insurance, because we are private insurance’s bitches. They fund our campaigns. We are angry that Obama pushed for this, and we punished him for it by eliminating the 50 state strategy. That way you blame the Republicans, even though both the Speaker and Vice President were in our ranks that year, and they continue to be. This is how we continue to dominate the party.

You will never receive paid sick leave.

You are going to have to spend the first ten years of your life paying off student loans instead of investing for your retirement, unlike any other generation in American history.

Government programs to help you get a job out of college are going to continue to be non-existent.

You will continue to pay higher taxes than your grandparents.

There is no realistic way for you to receive OASI when you retire, but you need to pay 12.8% of your income for a program you will never receive. You thought we were going to use MMT to fund Social Security? HA! If we were to do that we would have used MMT to pay for your education. Stop being so naive.

We don’t care about police brutality, which disproportionately impacts black male Millenials.

We don’t give a damn about the murders of indigenous women.

We incarcerate immigrant children for crimes they did not commit.

We will not pass the DREAM ACT, which the vast majority of you support.

You are NEVER going to get affordable preschool.

Young women are going to need to leave the workforce in order to pay for childcare. It is the American way. No two earner households for you!

Economic policies are going to force you to leave where your parents and grandparents live, because we will NEVER invest in rural broadband. This will mean you will be forced to be a single income household because we don’t have a serious early childhood education policy.

We support zoning laws which increase the cost of housing so you will never be able to afford to buy or build a house.

We support visas with all but one member of NATO, and passport checks with Canada.

As soon as the chance appears, we will deregulate the banks, just like we did in the 1990s. You will blame the Republicans. We will vote with them.

We will continue to vote for legislation like the PATRIOT ACT and defend it, even though there is no evidence that it has ever stopped a single attack. This is a promise we will continue to keep.

We support the Filibuster, because we can hide behind it and blame the Republicans for our actions.

We will never hold Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema accountable for their actions which undermine our democracy.

We oppose ranked voting, because then you will hold us accountable for all the issues where we agree with Republicans.

The Electoral College is here to stay. Stop talking about it. It is so much easier to be a coward when a Republican is in the White House.

We will give carbon taxes lip service, and then vote against them every. Single. Time.

Please vote for us, because we are not Republicans.

Why won’t you vote for us?


The New Democrat Caucus.

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