No bailouts for Wall Street

Here’s the thing, I have been teaching myself how to trade for the last few years. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Through this process I learn how to make more responsible and better trades.

The government should not bail out irresponsible hedge funds.

Brokers should not be allowed to protect irresponsible investors.
It is through mistakes that amateur investors learn good and bad ways to invest. This process of earning and losing money is absolutely vital to the functioning of a developed economy. When a trader finds a good strategy which allows them to responsibly invest, they won’t need bailouts, and we will have a more stable economy.

Bailing them out will only cost us more in the long run. It will encourage more risky investing which will only cost us more in the long run.

The 2008 bailouts for Wall Street banks which President Bush signed was the most foolish, most reckless law for our economy imaginable. It encourages more irresponsible trading by behemoths which puts their investors at risk for no good reason.
There is a very big difference between providing universal free college or medicare for all and bailing out banks which didn’t invest properly.

Two are providing opportunity.

One is creating unnecessary moral hazard.

These are very very different.

Opportunity creates growth.

Moral Hazard creates despair.

I oppose moral hazard.

The only way to curb this irresponsible, foolish behavior is to prevent brokers from shutting down capitalism and most importantly, when someone makes a mistake as bad as these foolish hedge fund managers made this week:

Let them go bankrupt.

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