The Path Ahead

Today is January 20th of a year divisible by four, and that means it is inauguration day. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have now taken office and this is a great day for America.

America just threw off a fascist at the  ballot box. Only Chile has done that on record.

First of all, I was disappointed by Biden’s speech. When he calls for unity, is he talking about unity with Republicans in power who we clearly rejected or building an America so strong which Americans will come together as one people. I hope he is talking about the latter, but it is possible he is talking about the former. He could have been more clear on that.

Beyond the speech he has already signed executive orders which will make America a better country. The Keystone XL pipeline has been cancelled, we have rejoined the Paris Climate Accords, and the Muslim ban has been revoked.

In other words, his actions are showing  that despite many platitudes calling for political moderation, he is already doing what he can to make America better.

There are many challenges President Biden faces. We need to pass Coronavirus Aid through congress as fast as possible. This will provide immediate relief to all Americans, empower Democrats as the party which gets important work done and help alleviate this epidemic. On top of direct cash payments I hope President Biden will succeed on providing aid with the goal of getting 100 million Americans vaccinated from coronavirus over the next 100 days.

The next question will be what other bills will be done over this congressional session which will not just make America stronger, but strengthen the Democratic majority in Congress so that the legislation he passes will last long into the future. This will do two things, it will make America a better place in the immediate future, but also mobilize voters across this country so we can have Democratic Trifectas for a long time to come. The key to winning elections is who can mobilize their base the most, and if President Biden can deliver on policies which benefit all Americans over the next year, the Democratic Party will dominate government for the next decade, forcing the Republican Party to abandon its fascist leanings, and America will have a bright future indeed.

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