The 2020 election in perspective

Short post for today, but the point is pretty simple.

The year started with a 33% drop in GDP.

An epidemic has killed over 300,000 Americans.

The President blocked medicine from coming into this country to reduce the severity of the epidemic.

The Senate blocked stimulus bills for Americans who had lost their jobs.

Unemployment (U-3) spiked at 14.7%, the highest level it has been since records begin in 1948.

Senate Republicans refused to cooperate with the House on providing much needed aid to American families.

The genius Republican campaign strategy culminated in their reservation of a small landscaping company in an industrial section of Philadelphia for Trump’s concession speech because they thought it was a 5 star hotel.

All of this happened and the Democrats still lost seats in the House and were unable to unseat Susan Collins.

Given economic Armageddon and the biggest global epidemic in over a century, the fact that the Democrats STILL failed to convince Americans to vote for them means there is something very, very wrong in their approach to politics and their strategy is not working.

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