The United States Constitution

If you go look at history in other countries, you find that in Parliamentary democracies they have failed whenever a far right government came into power.

Germany in 1933 is the most famous example, but similar systems in Spain led to Franco, and the United Kingdom’s election led to Brexit, which is threatening the country’s existence if Scottish Independence happens.

Parliamentary democracies and Presidential alike have a habit of becoming better over time. This is very clear on every freedom index in the world.But if you look at history, no Presidential democracy which has stood for 20 years has ever failed.

The Trump Presidency was the biggest threat to America’s democracy we have ever faced. The Republican Party gerrymandered, cheated, and rigged their way into power, but today on the day before the most important election of our country’s history, a Federal Court blocked a Republican attempt to prevent hundreds of thousands of Americans from having their vote count.

America might not be perfect, and there are many issues facing our country today. But EVERY Parliamentary Democracy in the world which has seen someone half as bad as Trump has fallen quickly without exception.

The United States combination of limited Federalism, Constitutionalism, and Courts has prevented us from falling to fascism like my family saw 87 years ago. Our system of government has proven time and time again to be possible to improve for the long term and damn near impossible to make worse except for small blips in history.

Even with a trifecta, the only thing Donald Trump was able to pass in law was tax reform.

Everything else he has done can be reversed in just 79 days.

I am a strong supporter of Constitutionalism, limited Federalism, and separation of powers. I believe strongly in Public Juries. The Bill of Rights of the United States is the greatest human rights document in the history of the world, and we are about to enter a great era of American History.

If we play our cards right we can make a lot of good this decade.

We are going to get a trifecta and we are going  to see major health care reform which is going to reduce the cost of drugs and end the number of Americans who are uninsured.

We are going to get a national carbon tax.

We are going to strike down every illegal voter discrimination law in the country before the next Presidential election.

We are going to end police brutality and proclaim that Black Lives Matter.

We are going to decriminalize drug use.

AMTRAK will be refurbished.

We will break up monopolies and nationalize natural monopolies.

We will defend the Bill of Rights and end unwarranted surveillance of Americans.

We will enact the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact before 5 November 2024.

We will make this country better.

We will proclaim that the United States is a nation not of rule of man, but the rule of law, and Donald Trump is going to be tried for his gross crimes and misdemeanors.

Tomorrow is the day where we reclaim our country and enter a great era of prosperity and greater equality than our country has ever known.

America is going to reclaim our natural place as the leader of the free world tomorrow.

The rest of the world awaits our election results.

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