Vote for Joe

I cast my primary vote for Elizabeth Warren because I believe she had the best combination of strategy and progressive ideals, significantly more than any other candidate in the race. I voted for her despite her not really having a chance of winning because I wanted her to have as much influence at forming the platform as possible.

Because I believe in progressive ideals I am going to vote for Joe Biden. He probably would have been theĀ  third or fourth candidate if I had been able to rank the primary, but we are looking at a situation where over 200,000 Americans have died from an epidemic we could have prevented, Trump coddles dictators, insults liberal leaders around the world, empowers domestic terrorists who threaten our civil servants, and he almost took healthcare away from millions of Americans. He has quite literally been endorsed by the Taliban.

I am going to vote for as many progressives on the ballot as I can, and I am going to vote for the man who is endorsed by Noam Chomsky, Julia Gillard, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and practically every non-fascist organization and public figure in the United States and the world.

I am going to vote for the man who has fought for mass transit for half a century, authored the Violence Against Women’s Act, and against all odds as Vice President passed the largest health care reform in the history of the United States.

I am going to vote for Joe Biden, and I hope you will as well.

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