Rule of Man

This is a short post because this is an extremely simply issue.

We have finally received extremely rudimentary details on Trump’s taxes from a leak given to the New York Times. They have not released or leaked the full tax returns yet.

The tax returns claim that Trump gave his daughter Ivanka over $700,000 in consulting “fees”. These fees should have been taxed as income when she received them if she received them as a sole proprietor, or they should have been taxed under Federal Corporation Tax if she received them under a corporation of any type.

A former Federal Prosecutor has claimed that this leak has enough details to give probable cause of a gross crime being committed, and if Trump has indeed committed a gross crime, that is an impeachable offense under the Constitution of the United States.

Senators Murray and Cantwell, Representative Denny Heck, Speaker Pelosi, you are my representatives in the United States Congress and the third person in to the Presidency. It is your constitutional duty to create a Congressional tribunal to get Trump’s taxes since he probably committed a gross crime, and if he has indeed committed a gross crime, it is your Constitutional duty to start a Congressional hearing into the taxes of Donald J. Trump and if he has indeed broken United States law, you have no choice but to impeach him.

If you do not, than we no longer have rule of law.

It’s just that simple.

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