Progressive Platform in under 250 words

Congressional Progressive Caucus
  1. Move at least half of police funding to social services
  2. Nationwide exemption free carbon tax which will increase annually
  3. Universal Basic Income
  4. Medicare for All
  5. Easier Access to Food Stamps
  6. Audit the Department of Defense
  7. Cut government waste
  8. Legalize and tax all drugs. Drug addiction should be treated as a health issue.
  9. Tax capital gains as regular income
  10. Increase the tobacco tax
  11. Universal preschool
  12. Reform mental asylums. Make them more humane

I generated the total amount of where taxes go per capita for people in Olympia, Washington today, across all government agencies:

About 19% of all government spending goes to health care, adding up to $6424 per person. This is about 9.5% of the GDP per capita for the average Washingtonian. This is larger than the total health care spending, public and private, for most other developed countries. This is why we need more health care reform.

Expanding access to food stamps is simply because food stamps provide one of the biggest benefits to our economy, and they make it so that almost no one in America truly starves. America has such a low hunger rate that we are not even measured by the Global Hunger Index. Food stamps are responsible for a significant portion of this, along with a high average quality of living, and food banks.


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