Analyzing America’s presidents

Timelnie of United States Presidents

  • Grey means no election.
  • Blue means the candidate won a majority of the popular vote twice
  • Red means one of the President’s terms was shorter than 4 years.
  • Green means the President either only served one term or did not win a majority of the popular vote in one of his elections.
  • Purple is Franklin Delano Roosevelt because he won the popular vote four times and died in office.

If we are to categorize the 44 men who have served as President in American history, here are some statistics.
Previous office:

  • Governor, 14
  • Senator, 11
  • Vice President, 8
  • Representative, 6
  • General, 2

We have had 20 two term Presidents.

14 Presidents have served 8 years as President.

Only FDR has served more than 2 terms.

Calvin Coolidge, LBJ, and Nixon are the only three Presidents to serve between 4 and 8 years as President.

The first 6 Presidents were not elected via popular vote in every State.
Only 7 Presidents have won the popular vote twice.

There have only been 2 times that we have had three two term presidents in a row:

  • Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe
  • Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama


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