Conservative mindset

Might makes right. If someone isn’t doing well, then it is inherently their fault.

Social redistribution is counter to both of these ideas.

Military spending backs up the idea of might makes right.

If my actions impact someone else, that means I was more mighty, hence in the right.

Civil rights are contrary to the idea of might makes right and radical self responsibility.


This also explains why military aid to Israel and Saudi Arabia is good and economic development aid in the form of mosquito nets is bad. Giving weapons is part of expanding our might. According to conservative logic these other countries should have built economies which build those systems. They dont necessarily need to be privately funded. Case in point: bank bailouts are good, stimulus checks are bad. Bailouts of large companies increase might of the few, who can thenĀ  continue to support your campaigns, increasing your power, which follows might makes right. Widespread stimulus spread opportunity around, reducing your overall advantage, violating might makes right.

This also explains why Republicans will NEVER propose a law to protect private retirement accounts from many ways employers fuck over their employees, such as not letting you change your retirement strategy after you set up your account. Such a law would violate personal responsibility because in the Republican worldview you should have done your research and gotten a better contract in the beginning, even if you were a 22 year old first generation college graduate. They also will continue to say social security OASI is bad, but never propose a better plan because it would be the government regulating private contracts, which violates personal responsibility.

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