Absentee Voting and Voting Machines

  • Blue means everyone uses Absentee voting
  • Green means everyone has the option to use absentee voting
  • Yellow means you need an excuse to use absentee voting and there is a paper trail
  • Red means you need an excuse to use absentee voting and there is no paper trail

To put this in more perspective:

  • 61.4% of representatives are from the green and blue areas
  • 22% of representatives are from the red areas
  • 17% of representatives are from the yellow areas

Most Americans probably don’t understand that the majority of us already have the right to use mail in voting. We need to exercise this right and ensure that as many Americans as possible are able to vote.

Call to action: If you know progressives in Michigan, Wisconsin, or Florida, ask them if they are registered to vote absentee. If Joe Biden wins those three states Trump will not be able to be reelected. If we work hard to make sure we drive the vote count as high as possible by ensuring every eligible voter exercises their right than it will be impossible for the Republicans to win.

The current PaddyPower betting pool state by state is betting the electoral college map will look like this:

If we vote, this can happen.

Assuming that the states which do not have a paper trail vote for Trump, and the remaining states have the results of the current PaddyPower analysis, that leaves us with the following map:

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com


This is why I am optimistic about this election.


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