Why we aren’t getting any stimulus

  1. America’s retirement system is woefully inadequate for the majority of Americans. After paying 13.4% of their income into Social Security, the average American doesn’t have any money left over to save in an index fund. This means the majority of Americans both struggle in retirement and have no rainy day fund for if they lose their job before they retire.
  2. Amway and other Multi-Level Marketing scams donate billions to the Republican Party.
  3. Betsy DeVos becomes the Secretary of Education to undermine our education system. The DeVos family made their billions from Amway. By having fewer college graduates, Amway has more people they can prey upon. It also gives this predatory industry a voice at the table of every cabinet meeting.
  4. America hits a recession and the Federal Government provides only a one time payment to average Americans. The $4 trillion stimulus package ($6000 per capita) mostly goes to large companies.
  5. Small businesses have to lay off their employees, and many shut down permanently.
  6. Millions of Americans are out of work and without any money saved due to our inadequate retirement system, regressive tax code, and lack of aid to average Americans. Because of this, millions of Americans are looking for anything to pay their bills.
  7. Multi-Level Marketing companies target the millions of Americans who are unemployed and unable to pay their bills, knowing full and well that they will make BILLIONS off of people struggling, and that it is going to be a long time until our economy restructures due to a lack of a functioning government.
  8. Wages are driven down and for a time the largest companies who got bailed out are able to pay lower labor costs.
  9. Banks don’t have money to lend out to new businesses, slowing the growth of our economy, keeping the competition for labor at a minimum, which drives wages down.
  10. Small companies are going to have a hard time finding customers without any stimulus boosting our demand curve, making starting a business a daunting task. Getting investment without customers is impossible.
I despise every company whose business model is built on harming people.
Thank God we avoided Hillary Clinton’s emails.
In November we will choose whether we will elect a man who is downplaying the extent of the damage of this epidemic, and using this opportunity to eliminate the competition for the businesses he and his cabinet own.
Our alternative is to vote for the man who was Vice President when health care was expanded to include disabled Americans.
Remember to vote for Joe Biden in November.

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