Reasons to be Pro-Choice

No intro, let’s just get on with it.

  1. It is fundamentally wrong to force a woman to give birth to a baby she doesn’t want to. Enough?
  2. If you are arguing you are killing a person, you need to go back to biology, because the fetus is not conscious separate from the mother until the third trimester.
  3. No form of birth control is 100% effective. Sometimes people don’t realize their pregnant until at least 6 weeks in.
  4. Abortion is safer than giving birth and saves lives.
  5. The vast majority of abortions are done in the first trimester, when the fetus hasn’t even developed a brain. We regularly declare people who have lost brain function as “legally dead.” Why is a fetus different? You are causing no pain to the fetus because it literally cannot feel when the vast majority of abortions are done.
  6. Forcing someone to give birth can maker her life significantly worse.
  7. Rape is ridiculously hard to prove. Any law restricting abortion except in the case of rape will have an unacceptably high false negative rate.
  8. Laws against abortion are almost never coupled with increased punishment for rapists.
  9. The same politicians who fight abortion access tend to be the same ones who fight against access to sexual education, health care, and education. The easiest way to reduce abortions is to increase access to all three, which anti-abortion laws never come with.
  10. Laws against abortion are almost never limited to just the first trimester. There is absolutely no biological reason to have a legal restriction on abortions to only the first trimester ever in any circumstance. They argue abortion is about killing babies, but third trimester abortions accounts for a very small number of abortions, usually because of health reasons.
  11. Why should a society force a baby to be born but doesn’t guarantee health care to that baby once it is alive?

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