Trump’s summary of the Mueller Report is bullshit

I am supposed to believe someone who was handpicked by a man who was just under investigation for two years that there was indeed interference in our election by a foreign enemy power (Russia), but that after repeated attempts to reach out to the Trump campaign, the Trump campaign said no and the Russians continued to interfere.

That’s a load of horse crap. No one works that way in reality.

Also, if it is true that the Russians interfering in our election was not colluding with the Trump campaign, I am sure it is simply a coincidence that multiple high ranking members of the campaign are sitting in federal prison right now.

Again, this briefing is a load of bullshit, cherry picked and written by someone who was handpicked to keep an occupying power in the White House.

If Trump really was innocent and the Republican party really did nothing wrong why hide it? Why send multiple high ranking officials of the Republican Party to Federal Prison as part of this investigation if they really didn’t collude?

We need to see the full Mueller report. That is the only way my suspicions that America is currently occupied territory will be relieved. It just doesn’t add up.

Again, the Trump Administration’s summary of an investigation they were just under is a steaming pile of bullshit and we are being robbed.

Read the crap here:

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