Free transit for King County now!

Sawant calls for free transit during Viadoom — could it work?

We all know that once people get used to not paying $104 a month for a monthly pass and then more for peak hours that it will be very difficult to make it extremely expensive again. On top of that, the easiest way to increase transit usage is to make transit free so people who might not necessarily use it every day will be more inclined to use it a few times a month. Multiply that by 2 million people for just King County and that is not an insignificant amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide etc. being blasted into the air we breathe. It will encourage people who visit the metro area from outside to park at the closest transit stop, or take the train to Seattle because they won’t have to pay a minimum of $5 per day per person to go to Seattle, assuming no transfers. That amount adds up and can quickly become more expensive than parking. This is a common sense reform which will make our state more livable.

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