Mueller needs to tells us what happened

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There are two possibilities with the release of the Mueller probe:

  • either the Mueller Report does not include damning information on Donald Trump, hence would not effect the election and there is no reason to wait until afterwards,
  • The Mueller Report in its full context includes a smoking gun with proof of Russian influence in our election to the point of swinging the most important election in the second largest economy in the world, information which would impact the American people’s decision in November.

What we know

This is not opening a fraudulent congressional investigation days before the election which  is closed as soon as the target of the investigation loses.

This is an investigation spanning over 30 years of very complex relationships between the President of the United States and the President of Russia, the evidence of which is undeniable.

This is an investigation into whether a foreign power hacked into American elections in an attempt to swing the election in full.

We know for a fact that the counties which Russia targeted in 2016 turned out to be pivotal for the Presidential election.

James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, claims “It stretches credulity to conclude that Russian activity didn’t swing voter decisions.”

We know for a fact that the Russians changed voter rolls across America.


There are now two potential options of what happened 2 years ago:

  • The Russian government developed a long, deep, and complicated relationship with the Republican Candidate for President of the United States, swung voter decisions in key states, going through enormous expense and energy, but not to impact the election when they had a very clear preference.


  • The Russian government successfully groomed an American multimillionaire, helped him become a billionaire, effectively targeted voters filling our social media feeds with lies masquerading as news stories in order to get a President who will do what they want.

It think it is pretty obvious no one would ever go to the extent and lengths Russia went through. I believe the numerous national security advisors.

I believe it is now Robert Mueller’s duty to his country with the immense amount of evidence he has done, to present it to the American people in time for us to make our decisions with full information proving (or, however unlikely, disproving) the immense suspicion millions of Americans like myself have that the Russian government did.

This is not the same thing as opening a Kangaroo court days before a major historic election against one of the candidates, with absolutely no intention of finishing it. This is presenting the American people with facts which we can use to make our decisions so we can get the right people elected as governor, legislators, representatives, and senators in three weeks. The consequence of withholding important information from the election is itself a political ploy which protects those who have (possibly) deeply harmed the United States of America, keeping them in power. That would be unpatriotic to allow such criminals off the hook and let them stay in positions of power to do even more damage to our democracy. It is downright cruel to the People of the United States for us to keep having a government which does not represent us, and keep us in the dark when there are elected officials who have very likely harmed us. Information is one of the most valuable and important pieces in an election, as important as the way you count the ballots. More information (as long as it is accurate) is always better for democracy.

We deserve to know.

America needs to know the truth to protect ourselves.

This is a the biggest national security issue of my life.

Release the probe.

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